Waterproof Flooring

Exceptional Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof floors are manufactured with materials that are resistant to moisture. Moisture can damage or destroy many flooring types. What people typically refer to as waterproof flooring is a floating vinyl plank floor. It commonly looks like wood, but in some cases it resembles stone. 

Moisture in a home comes from many sources, including spills and water splashes from taps. Leaking pipes can also lead to excess moisture build-up before they’re discovered and repaired. Steam from showers and high levels of humidity can also contribute to moisture buildup in a house.

Liquids and moisture are dangerous to many flooring materials. For example, when hardwood floors soak up moisture, they swell or warp. And as they dry and contract over time, they get deformed.

Moisture buildup leads to the growth of mold and mildew. These two are a recipe for several respiratory health issues, particularly for persons with allergies. When mold and mildew spores spread into the air around a house, they can lead to problems like coughing, sneezing, and itchy or watery eyes.

Waterproof floors resist water absorption  preventing moisture build up. This reduces the risk of your floor warping, swelling or developing mold and mildew.Want to know more benefits? Click here.